Two main reasons why people didn’t like their intern experience

  • Posted on: 23 November 2016
  • By: addmean
Presently, it is extremely popular to be an intern. Parents, colleagues, professors at uni – literally all of them were convincing me that it is worth to do it and that it will be very useful experience. Unluckily, I was naïve enough to believe them , and in consequence made a decision to do the internship during the summer break.

Author: Joseph Nicolia
The competition for the position was pretty rough. They tested my foreign languages and analytical skills. So, I was entirely sure that this internship would be something meaningful - presumably I might have been too convinced – I need to admit that I didn’t even ask for any details of my future duties.

At that time I was simply so excited with the news that I received the intenrship offer, that I didn’t come up with idea to ask about any details. Back then it was ok for me to know the company in which I was about to intern in. These days I already know that it was rather a huge mistake. Unfortunately, I think that this lesson was in fact the only useful lesson I learnt from this internship experience.

Earlier I believed that during the internship I can learn that category of knowledge as well as skills that are applicable also to another similar position. Sadly, during this internship I was mostly responsible for those tasks that nobody else was interested to conduct. I understand that somebody always has to do these things , but at the same time I want to learn something useful while doing my intrnship.

Unfortunately, I didn’t. In fact I learnt a lot about New York city and its neighborhood as I was helping other employees doing the most boring things that they did’t want to do. Ironically, I learnt where to do law cost custom printing nyc or where to find best coffee in the city. However I don’t believe that this is the kind of knowledge I should gain as an intern.

Secondly, they didn’t pay me any salary. I know that I was not a professional so I don’t have too much experience they may need, but I was still doing some activities they would pay for their workers to do. So, I really think that they should pay me at least small amount of money. Just to show that they appreciated my commitment.