Sign deal with pharmaceutical concern

  • Posted on: 24 October 2019
  • By: addmean
Author: tico_24
Our country is filled with international corporations, that are opening their branches in here each year. It start even before we became part of EU. When You're owner of progressing, pharmaceutical firm and You like to earn plenty of cash and get new customers, You need possibly begin to search for relevant partners in business abroad.

Firms from Germany and Britain which are offering common pills are interested in medical contract manufacturing with firms from Poland.

Developing software - is it worth leaving this within in-house team?

  • Posted on: 9 February 2019
  • By: addmean
Author: Horacio Duran
If you have a business which work with more advanced software, you probably have been thinking before about hiring an external software development company. We all know it is not easy decision. On plenty of forums on the internet you would see threads with similar questions and doubts. Many of them revolve around 2 particular questions. Firstly - when is the right period to hire one of these firms called software house international? The other one is – can I just use my own in-house team?